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AAB Impact Manhole closed

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On September 1, 2012 we had reported a story Open manholes a death trap. The same photo and matter was put forth to the Corporation commissioner by the members of the Belgaum chamber of Commerce and industries on Friday when they met her with all the civic problems.

It seems the corporation has acted on this and placed a cover on the open man hole situated at Swami Vivekanand Colony 3rd cross, just at the junction of Congress road and the said cross near More store on Congress Road.

September 9, 2012 a lid placed on the open man hole



The open man hole earlier as posted on September 1, Swami Vivekanand Colony 3rd cross Congress road junction

But seeing at the manner in which the same has been closed still makes us think how the corporation works. 

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  1. Awesome! ABB, I request you guys also join PTI, thats press trust of India, the reason H-D is competeing is with is.. for all news papers are published there, read by all.. in India and worldwide, Join PTI, register and come up with belgaum paper, lets see who beats us! 🙂


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