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Kalamandir to make way for a Commercial complex

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We had reported as early as in 2010 KalaMandir to be rebuilt as a Shopping complex, and now the same is yielding fruits under the Smart city project.

Kalamandir, Tilakwadi which now is home to garbage trucks and an Aadhar centre, the entire structure will be demolished and a new commercial complex would be built.

About 1.15 acres of land is on disposal and Rs.43.5 crores have been allocated for the same and the tender is expected to float in the next fortnight.


In 2014 again it was proposed on PPP model with ULB contribution from the private investor or through Government soft loan. But nothing moved on here.

Now under the smart city project, this project is likely to gain momentum.

This project is under Area Based Development – NEW CITY CENTERS

KALAMANDIR : Sector level Community Facility

TOTAL EXTENT OF LAND – 7,800 sq.m (2.1Acres)



Multi Level Car Parking Lot (G-2)

Multimodal Parking stand (Auto & Cycle)

Shopping mall including Multiplex


Branded Shops

Local shops

Family entertainment and Restaurants, Food court etc

Mini Auditorium cum Culture center

Other Community Facilities


Convenience to citizens (most citizen services available at one place)

Enhanced Community facilities will increase the livability of citizens

The New Civic center will enhance the revenues of the corporation.

Ease of Parking problems in & around Shukrawarpet and Tilakwadi Railway

Gate – I and adjoining inner city area

Optimal use of land value (the site is located in the heart of the city)

Upfront / Recurring cash inflow, to the Corporation during the concession

period (In PPP Mode)

Transfer of asset to the corporation at the end of the concession period

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  1. Besides shops which are der from around 30 yrs and more in market place…… What has to be done by those people??? Where should dey go???

  2. whom to contact if want to take the shops on rent or to purchase. is it is available to poor or middle class people or.


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