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Those days of school Shenga Vattane Limlet

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“Those days when I was in school were the most wonderful days of my life.”

This is a general statement which will fit for one and all.  The scene in front of most schools hasn’t changed much with hawkers lined up outside the school gate. Nothing much has changed now either.

Take for instance the hawkers in front of many schools. Many might say eating food on open is bad, agreed but tell me who did not eat at least once. Form Shenga (groundnuts) Lal Vattane, sweets and candies, tamarinds, Aavla to even Bhel and bahdang you get it all.

Mr.Santosh Purohit a foodie by himself is always encouraged to photograph food stuff that anything else and seeing the photos here it’s inevitable that this kind of eating habits haven’t changed. foodiefoodie-1foodie-2foodie-3foodie-4

All those away from Belagavi live you selves with those memories. Many elders make it a point to come to see such matches and relive those old moments.

Disclaimer: Eating on road side and eatables which are not well preserved can lead to illness; this blog does not support or encourage this.

15 thoughts on “Those days of school Shenga Vattane Limlet”

  1. Hmmm this artilce really took me to my school days..

    Still remember how safely we used to keep our Pocket money in our Bags or pockets to munch & enjoy these food stuffs after the school when we used on City-Bus Stop..

  2. I was in St Marys, we also had hawkers right outside our school with Guava, vatane and Avala… really these pics brought back good old memories.

  3. Me too from St Mary's, I don't remember his exact name guess its 'Mainu' (the hawker), he was too famous among all students. Our school mam's use to scold us when found eating/buying something from hawkers. But my most cherished moment was eating those hot Shenga & Lal Vattane in mid of the pouring rain, ah! what a feeling it was. I really miss it. Thanks Uday for taking me back to those old good days.

  4. Hey very Impressive n Lip leakin post….
    Ya every body remembered their school day….
    Mi during school days Eatin Tamrind n Lemon goli…
    Really those days cant b returned bak….

  5. T reminds me of the days wen we all used to pounce on frns who got bhel and vatanes and those fights..gettin wet and watchin the royceton matches…jus awesome….really refreshing uday..thanks…

  6. very good post thanks for such a nice post,
    this made my old yet still new days remember, really those day swill not come back but never be forgotten till the life ends, I am from Beynon smith school camp, we also used to have hawker in front of our school ohh even I remembered my school mate, with whom we used to share the bhel,shenga, and Raju supari which was famous those days, he he he he 🙂 nice one……….

  7. I’m a Paulite and I had the best part of my life watching matches. No matter where we live and what job we do in the world, every person reminisces their school days.

  8. I still remember a guy used to sell lassi at 25 paise a glass near the primary section gate of St Pauls. St.Paul’s canteen used to sell a plate of double idli for 50 np

  9. Mouth Watering, without thinking a second by seeing a photo reminds of school days what a lovely days. Thanks for memories of our childhood

  10. Am also from St Mary’s what a beautiful days of school the during the cold and chilling Rainy seasons with the taste of Peru, Vatana , Limelet candies from Salim Bhai …… Bhel from Tambdiya…… And during summer seasonn the chilling Lassi ice,Limbu Ice,Orange Ice, Watermelon ice…..

    Koi Lauta de wo pyare pyare din……

  11. Down the memory lane, I remember Mainu the hawker (St Mary’s) & others who used to sell these items, we did not have canteen those days only a small out let & hence we used to enjoy eating from these people

  12. Mr.Santosh really u have touched a forgotten subject (Out of the box idea), me from St.Xaviers way back in 1985 (30 years) down the line, given the pocket money we had, these hawkers was the only option we had and we used to just feel satisfied with the eatable available. Ooops if those days were back…

  13. Thank you Mr. Santosh! Feeling Nostalgic.
    Missing Belgaum here as I live in Pune 🙁 Those were the days when during school days we used to get bhel, vatana, shaktimaan and many more stuff from ANAND, SANTOSH, SALIM, etc..
    These people were no less then Santa for us!!
    Missing those old days!!


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