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5 year old injured in Stray dog attack

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By uday

Today, in Belagavi, a five-year-old child was viciously attacked by a stray dog. The child, Shivam, sustained head and back injuries in the attack. Despite the municipality being aware of the growing nuisance of stray dogs, they have failed to take any concrete action to address the issue.

Former corporator and social worker Vinayak Gunjatkar immediately admitted the injured Shivam to the district hospital for treatment. This incident has brought the issue of stray dogs in Belagavi to the forefront once again, highlighting the need for the municipality to take action to protect citizens from these dangerous animals.

There are 20-25 stray dogs roaming around and barking in each colony. While dogs can be friendly creatures, strays often become territorial, meaning that the chances of them attacking bark are highly likely.

When it comes to stray dogs attacking children or others on their bicycles or bikes prevention is key. It’s important for cyclists/bikers to avoid isolated streets and parks, especially when riding alone, as this can increase the risk of confrontations with stray animals.


Additionally, kids should be taught to remain calm and not engage with the dog in any way if they come across one – making sounds or hand gestures that encourage an aggressive response from the animal should be avoided.

If a confrontation does happen, parents should instruct their children to slowly back away until a few feet of distance have been put between them and the animal; remaining still may also help defuse the situation. Finally, teaching basic bite prevention techniques such as getting off the bike slowly and standing still until help arrives can go a long way towards avoiding or minimizing injury due to stray-dog attacks on bicycles/bikes.

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