Belagavi-Dharwad Railway Project Faces Hurdles Amid Farmer Protests

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The progress of the Belagavi-Dharwad railway line project has hit a roadblock due to ongoing protests by farmers concerning land acquisition and compensation issues. District In-charge Minister Satish Jarakiholi emphasized the necessity of finding a suitable resolution to ensure the smooth implementation of various crucial projects affected by these protests during today’s KDP review meeting.

Minister Jarakiholi stressed the urgency of proceeding with the project, noting its advanced completion stage. However, challenges have arisen due to opposition from farmers, particularly regarding the construction of a rail route from Tegur to Desur. Farmers are requesting a route alteration due to concerns over the impact on approximately 150 acres of fertile land between Desur and Kanavinakoppa.

Despite efforts to address the farmers’ grievances through discussions and proposals for additional compensation, District Collector Nitesh Patil clarified that certain obstacles prevent immediate resolution.

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Currently, only a fraction of the required land has been acquired, with work underway on 444 out of 608 plots. Officials stress the need to expedite the remaining land acquisition process to ensure timely project completion.

Eranna Kadadi, a member of the Rajya Sabha, underscored the significance of the Belagavi-Dharwad Rail Project and expressed concern that further delays in resolving land acquisition issues could prolong the project’s completion.

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  1. Respected Sirs farmers problem in BGM- DWR railway project can be solved by simply making it Belgaum – Hubli allingment as it directly gives connectivity for both Airports at either ends and bigger commercial hub last mile link.
    Infact Belgaum – Hubli via Bialuhongal and Savadathi was one among the earlier survey options proposed.
    This further helps Gadag- Bellary as well as Ankola and Sirsi – Talagoppa futuristic link connections pragmatic point.
    More over Headquarters being already operational at Hubli can expediate follow up quick complition of project works.


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