Corporation plans to install another 97 new Steel hanging dustbins

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On Nov 16, 2018, we had published Dustbins disappear along with taxpayers money, in which  152 roadside single pole pedestal dustbin of Rs 19,00,000 which makes the cost of each dustbin to be around 12500 were inserted and now not even one is visible.

Now the City Corporation has floated another tender for Supply and installation of 97 stainless steel hanging dustbins to City Corporation Belagavi for Rs. 1891500 which makes the cost per bin to be 19500 per bin which is about 7000 more than the ones which disappeared.

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Technical specifications of the new Bins:

1) Capacity : 50ltrs Each

2) Stainless steel 304 grade, corrosion resistance , sheet thickness -20 gauge, pipe thickness-18 gauge pipe height – 6ft & size of pipe-25” X 50”, diamond perforated litter bin (5mm Hole size) 50 litre capacity each) hanging bins( non removable)

3) The bidder should supply and Fix dust bins (with concrete structure) along with required stickers where ever required as per the direction of in charge officials.

Now, what will be the fate of these Bins, or are they being installed so that they can disappear.

All these dust bins have gone missing

3 thoughts on “Corporation plans to install another 97 new Steel hanging dustbins”

  1. Installing the dustbins is not enough, Regular clearing the garbage is must not only from dust bins, from road sides from gutters etc..

  2. What kind of plans are made to take care of those bins by means of keeping them safe from Hoodlums ,maintaining exterior cleanliness, emptying them before they start overflowing ? If you do not have such plans then it is a waste of taxpayers money and that money should not be thrown into dustbins.


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