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Early Morning City rounds by Corporation Commissioner

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By uday

Belagavi City Commissioner Ashok Dudagunti, made a surprise early morning rounds in the city to look how the cleaning work is being under taken.

Rising early at 5:30 am, Commissioner Ashok Dudagunti pedaled his way to the vehicle branch in Sadashiva Nagar on a bicycle. There, he diligently inspected the vehicles, verified the attendance of the motorists, and implemented biometrics. He also took the opportunity to instruct all the motorists and cleaners to commence their duties promptly at 5:30 am and perform their tasks diligently.

Furthermore, Commissioner Dudagunti issued specific instructions to the concerned sanitary inspectors. They were directed to accompany the garbage vehicle of the corporation and ensure proper disposal of waste near DCC Bank. Their route extended up to ward number 43, where they were tasked with inspecting the Anagol graveyard alongside Corporator Vani Joshi. Their responsibilities included maintaining cleanliness, planting trees, and repairing and improving the electric lighting in the area.


During his visit to the ward, Commissioner Dudagunti personally assessed the garbage disposal process. He emphasized the importance of adequate waste management to the sanitary inspectors and engaged in discussions with the public to address any concerns. He provided them with clear directives to take appropriate action in response to the identified issues.

2 thoughts on “Early Morning City rounds by Corporation Commissioner”

  1. Congratulations and hats off to the Commissioner. What a role model activity. Hope every officer does his duty professionally. Let’s all congratulate and co-operate

  2. Thanks Corporate Commissioner for your initiative for Swatchh drlve. I observe the garbage dumped on the road side at various places at Ganeshpur road and it is scattered on the road by dogs and cows. Very unhygenic and inconvenience for the pedestrians. You may provide Bins at remote places , so that garbage is dumped in it and collected by the concerned authorities.


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