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Expenses for holding a session at Belagavi over the years

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Every year, for a period of at least 10 days, Bengaluru relinquishes its status as the capital of Karnataka as the entire state government machinery relocates to Belagavi for the winter session and Crores of rupees are spent on holding a session.

Since 2006, Belagavi has been the chosen venue for the Legislature sessions, with the first two being held at the KLE campus and subsequently, from 2012, at the impressive Rs400 crore Suvarna Vidhna Soudha. During this time, Belagavi transforms into the seat of power, accommodating the chief minister, government officials from across the state, security personnel, and the regional and national media.

Organizing the Legislature session in Belagavi is no small feat, as it involves the meticulous transfer of documents from all ministries and departments, along with the relocation of staff. More than 500 officials from various government departments are required to be present in Belagavi for the session, and the state is responsible for ensuring their accommodation, transportation, and all other official requirements. Additionally, a red carpet welcome must be arranged for the VIPs, including the chief minister, his council of ministers, elected representatives, and top bureaucrats.

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Days before the session, the district administration secures rooms and suites at all private hotels in the vicinity, which are then allocated to visiting dignitaries and officials. This process ensures that everyone is comfortably accommodated during their stay.

However, the event also poses a significant security challenge for the police officials, who must install security cameras on rooftops and manage potential protesters. The local police commissioner’s office is tasked with finding suitable accommodation and providing meals for the additional 3,000-5,000 security personnel deployed during this period.

For the rest of the year, the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha stands as a monument, incurring an annual upkeep cost of approximately Rs4 crore.

Expenses for holding a session at Belagavi over the years

2006 – 5 Crores

2009 – 12 crores

2012 – 8 Crores

2013 – 14 crores

2014 – 11 crores

2015 – 13 crores

2016 – 16 crores

2017 – 22 crores

2018 – 13.85 crores

2019 – Session not held

2020 – Session not held

2021 – 15 Crores

2022 – 17.5 Crores

2023 – ????? Crores (17-20 crores estimated)

Figures collected over the years

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  1. Why is cost calculated for Belagavi session when there is session in Bengaluru nobody bothers about the cost. It is part of the democratic process and any amount of cost in bringing the elected representatives near to North Karnataka region which is deprived is justified and infact the session should be held for 50% of all sessions and also shift major offices here.


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