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Flash Flood Forecast: Belagavi DC Advises Precautions

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By uday

The meteorological department has issued a flash flood forecast for Udupi, Uttara Kannada, Maharashtras Sindhu Durg, Ratnagiri, and both North and South Goa districts. In light of this, Belagavi DC Nitesh Patil urges the residents of Khanapur district to remain vigilant.

Given the potential for flash floods, it is strongly advised that the public refrain from visiting the aforementioned districts, including Khanapur taluk in Belagavi district, or engaging in any trekking activities.

The risk of hill collapse in such circumstances is significant. Therefore, both tourists and villagers residing in hilly areas must take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

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Furthermore, considering the flash flood forecast in the neighboring state’s border districts, it is crucial for authorities to maintain constant vigilance in the border taluks, including Khanapur.

By heeding these warnings and taking appropriate measures, we can mitigate the potential risks associated with flash floods. Stay safe and stay informed.

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