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HESCOM sends Shocks for free with its Current Bill

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Many HESCOM Electricity customers were taken aback when they received their latest bills, as they saw a significant increase of almost 50-60%. This sudden surge in charges can be attributed to a few factors, including the Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment (FPPCA) and the new tariff order issued by KERC on 12/05/2023.

The price per unit and fixed charges for all users, including LT-2, LT-3, LT-4, LT-5, LT-6, and others, have been raised. This increase in charges has left many customers feeling frustrated and confused.

The FPPCA for this month’s bill is Rs. 2.55 per unit consumed.


The Solar Rebate of 50 Paise per unit of electricity consumed subject to a maximum of Rs.50/- per installation per month hitherto allowed to tariff schedule LT-2(a) is now discontinued.

Fixed charges HIKED

As for LT-2(a) The fixed charges HIKED are

Sanction KW x 110 upto 50 KW (i.e. 3×110=330 or 5*110=550)

No of units consumed x Rs. 4.75 if less than 100 units


No of units consumed x Rs. 7 if MORE than 100 units


The rural category gets a rebate of 30 paise per unit consequent to the merger of the rural category under the Urban category.

Prices vary from connection to connection like LT-2(b)

The fixed charges are Sanction KW x 110 upto 50 KW

No of units consumed x Rs. 7.75

Normal Commercial LT-3(a)

Fixed Charges / KW / Month:

Per KW Upto 50 KW – – Rs.200/-

For every additional KW above 50 KW Energy Charges per kWh: Rs.300/-

For entire consumption – 850 paise

As per the Electricity (Timely Recovery of Costs due to Change in Law) Rules, 2021 was amended under which the central government directed states that whatever prices discoms procure electricity it will remain unchangeable.

The arrears of electricity charges due by the end of 30.06.2023 (including the amount bill issued in July 2023 for the amount of electricity used in the month of June 2023) must be paid within three months. Failure to pay within the prescribed period will result in disconnection, this is mentioned in Gruh Jyoti Scheme which mainly refers to this month’s bills which are hiked.

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  1. I am the consumer I’d 5706381000 K.N.Bidari Mahantest Nagar Belgaum.The metre reader not came on due date6/6/2023 but he came on 16/6/2023 and taken metre reading of 16/6/2023 which leads my cosmption comes 376 units.(6/5/2023 to 16/6/2023) for 46 days.he is argued with me and not given 30/31 days bill. He Gaven a mobile no of madam and immediately contact her.she did not give the correct bill.I am upto 20/06/2023 the last date of payment of bll..If I am not received biill.I foceabily take. the legal action. My mobile 9420490901 and mail id [email protected]


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