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Kapileshwar temple lets milk not go waste at Shivratri

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Kapileshwar temple is known as the Kashi of the south and the shrine is revered as the southern equivalent of Kasi—Dakshina Kasi. It is staunchly believed that pilgrimage to Jyotirlingas, numbering 12 and scattered across India, won’t be complete without worshipping the presiding deity of this shrine.

Kapileshwar Temple fixed the problem of milk being wasted during the Shivratri and other celebrations under a new arrangement where the devotees who bring packed milk pouches hand them over to volunteers of the temple committee. This milk is then distributed among the devotees and the needy.

kapileshwarDevotees usually bring milk in packets and then pour it out, instead of this milk going into the drain the devotees are asked to hand over the packed milk packet to the volunteers.

More than 200 milk packets were received by the volunteers today.

The temple committee has been undertaking this activity since a couple of years and the response to the same has been on the rise each year.

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  1. I Appreciate the Temple Management effort for this noble act…
    If all the Religious places irrespective of any Religion/caste start this kind of acts “Utilizing Food Stuff / Donations” in their religious places,,then definitely this will help in uplifting the society.


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