Lands belongs to Corporation but property extract mentions Corporators name

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The City corporation is known for its amazing work and from the past couple of years the land belonging to the corporation has been sold without the knowledge of the corporation it is alleged.

This fresh news of a property extract with the name of Corporator when the land belongs to City corporation Belagavi is shocking.

ccb-boardIn the CTS No.8969, a part measuring 1755 sq feet property belongs to the Corporation but as per the revenue department extract it belongs to Corporator Mainabai Chougule.

CTS No.10370 in Shivbasav Nagar, a part measuring 23.2 Gunthas belongs to the corporation but the extract mentions Rashid Mulla.

Another shocking is the extract mention a name of a watchman named Shivappa, who has a 30 gunthas plot in his name in Basav Colony.

This seems to be some kind of scam running in the Revenue department which in fact is the guardian of the properties of the Corporation.

Under the self assessment scheme of the property tax, once someone pays the tax and he applies for Form 9, the revenue department must verify the CTS extract but this is not done and the name of the assessee is mentioned.

This way there seems to be scam who is getting the Corporation land transferred to private persons.

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