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MES to organise ‘Maha Melava’ on Nov 25

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BELGAUM: The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) will organise ‘Maha Melava’ here on November 25 to coincide with the first day of the winter session at Suvarna Vidhan Soudha.

A large number of Marathi-speaking people from Belgaum, Khanapur, and Chikkodi taluks, besides Maharashtra are expected to converge here for the melava. The MES had been organising the melava ever since the Karnataka government started holding legislature sessions in Belgaum. Also, the event was being held to protest against non-compliance of the High Court’s direction to the State government to implement provisions of Linguistic Minority Act in Belgaum, Chikkodi and Khanapur taluks.

8 thoughts on “MES to organise ‘Maha Melava’ on Nov 25”

  1. Those who always go ‘against’ something or somebody will never come up in life. same goes with these kind of people. Like the saying goes ‘kaiyalli aagade irovnu, mayalla parchkond nanthe’, these people will pelt stones at others rather than doing something useful for themselves let alone for the society.

    • you mean to say like the Karnataka Govt & Kannada organization buzy killing the Marathi Culture & Marathi identity of Belgaum and enforcing the Kannada language on them.

      • Your talking About Some Killing the culture and blah..blahh…!!!!

        will be happy if First Start Implementing it with Bangalore..!!!!

        If You believe in wired names of all those Organizations and they cliam that they are protectors of kannada ..

        that they does ONly on 5ft flex Banners On road side..!!!!!!:)

        Let See if they will stop that function on 25th nov…..!!!!!

        I think they will roar .. again on flex banners..along road side..!!!!!

        • Bro, correct ur statistics Bangalore is cosmopolitan city.

          Come on dude, think about prosperity instead of this nonsense. This situation is hindering the development of yours, mine and Belgaum !!

          Grow up Bro..! think big, contribute on solving the issue rather than criticize. 🙂

      • stop playing dirty politics on languages… belgaum is integral part of karnataka and it ll b alwys. let people live peacefully loving human mankind and respect each other… MES as never allowed development of belgaum they r busy injecting venom in innocent people lifes and creating tensions hatredness.. see hubli mysore they are far ahead den our belgaum..

  2. People always start shouting shouting when this happens in belgaum. And Gives Lectures About Country and State.. And Behaves Like damn..

    Open Your EYES Beyond Belgaum And Try to see Other Places…!!!!

    But they will forget what happening in there Own Bangalore ….. It is full of Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.. Language. Out of 10 people there will be at least 8 people are from Telugu and Tamil in Bangalore.

    In belgaum at least Marathi speaking people respect Kannada Language and they try to speak It.

    These same people shut there mouth and keep quite in Bangalore..

    Only speaks About Marathi.. But suddenly Turns Blind towards other languages.. It really Strange to see this ..From …

  3. Seriously, do people have time for these things. India are reaching on Mars planet these days, and people are still fighting for a small piece of land.

    Don’t know when our Belgaum will be seen on the World map, as this place has too much of potential to shine in the world map. But no, people from this place wont all to cash the potential.
    What if Belgaum goes to Maharastra or stays in Karnataka, People will be in the same position as they are now, bcs you have dig the pit and will stay in that pit only. Because of these issue Belgaum is not developing, which is a very sad story for potential people in Belgaum.


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