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Mumbai-Karnataka region is now Kittur Karnataka

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JC Madhuswamy, law and parliamentary affairs minister on Monday said that the Mumbai-Karnataka region has been renamed as ‘Kittur Karnataka’.

The Mumbai-Karnataka region is renamed as ‘Kittur Karnataka region’ as there is no point in retaining the old name when border disputes often emerge.
Chief Minister said during the Karnataka Rajyotsava”We have recently renamed Hyderabad-Karnataka region as Kalyana Karnataka. We have now decided to rename the Mumbai-Karnataka region as ‘Kittur Karnataka’ in the coming days.”

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Explaining the reason behind renaming the cluster of districts in North Karnataka, Bommai said: “After the unification of Karnataka, our border disputes started and it has been settled but yet we still hear of quarrels taking place. Is there any meaning to still calling it the Mumbai-Karnataka region when so many things are happening? What is the point in calling it Mumbai-Karnataka?”

The CM further said that mere renaming is not sufficient and the standard of living of the people in that region should also improve along with it. Bommai said the regional imbalance and disparities should also go and all the regions should grow together.

This will also help in ending the regional disparity with a vow, not to leave any region in the state underdeveloped.

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