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Parking loot continues at Belagavi railway station

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The collection of parking fees at most places these days is an issue of conflict, as in many cases the contractor never charges the prescribed charges which were quoted in the contract.

Now have a look at this, a car was charged Rs.20 for merely 20 minutes of parking where as the board placed mentions minimum Rs.10 for 2 hours.

So this is a straight away day light robbery but no one seems to be interested in looking at this not even the SWR.


The correct fares as per the tender are as follows

For two wheeler 
Cycles-R 3/- , M.Cycles-R 5/- Per Six Hour or part thereof.

For Four Wheeler
Rs 10/- Per Two Hours or part thereof.

But none of us want to complain and hence this menace is on the rise and it will continue until we stand up and raise our voice against this loot.

belagavi station-parking-rate

belagavi station-parking-rate

Within minutes of we posting this story the Ministry of railways has replied


4 thoughts on “Parking loot continues at Belagavi railway station”

  1. AAB, thanks for bringing this issue to caution Belgaumites. Whenever I visit the railway station I hand over Rs.10. to the attendant there. He accepts it without a fuss and hands over a receipt without any thing written on it (at amount is also not written). When one asks,”How much?”, then the attendant asks for Rs. 20. The contractor is required to place the board at a conspicuous place, but on my previous visit, I noticed that the board is placed it in such a way that it gets covered by a parked car.

  2. Loot continues. Authorities turn blind to reality. What an administration. Pathatic and sick. This much for smart city tag ! Thanks for raising your voice AAB


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