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Potholes.. A true life saver

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by Kartik Samaga
History teaches us that most inventions happen by accident & dare I say the Public Works Department of Belagavi may have stumbled upon a brilliant way of saving our precious lives! With their admirable incompetence & a little bit of help from mother nature, they are saving hundreds of lives every monsoon!

How you ask?? By potholes of course!

sanchayni-pot-holesEvery year the PWD spends millions of the tax payers money, using the latest available technology to make sub standard roads, so that once the monsoon arrives, it will create not just potholes but craters!

It is all part of the big plan to desist us riders/drivers from rash riding/driving that may cause accidents & loss of life & limb!

Let’s be honest what were they supposed to do, the police are busy collecting funds for the government so that they can waive off somebody’s loans, & us citizens don’t care much for rules. So the only thing left to do for them was to make crossing the road a “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE-Dont Fall Down”… Running successfully on the roads of Belagavi for 8 weeks

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  1. Want to teach everyone a lesson, just stop using crude oil fuelled vehicles for three years or use it very efficiently alongwith use of bicycle and walking for daily chores. Even Saudi Arabia and Uncle Sam will kneel down before all of us.


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