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Prepaid auto service started in Belagavi Railway station again

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Prepaid auto service started at Belagavi Railway station which was the demand of Belagavites for many years. No more unusual auto fares now onwards. Take the best use of such public-friendly services, Tweeted MoSR Suresh Angadi.

The prepaid auto booth will take Re.2 as service charge

Since we began writing this blog way back in 2007 December it was first planned to start a prepaid auto stand at the Station.

It never picked up and in 2011 we made this story Big scandal running in Belgaum Railway Station pre-paid auto.
The Persons in charge of the auto booth conspired along with the auto drivers and for a distance of 2 km the printed ticket would be of 4-5 km. Like if one wanted to go to Tanaji Galli which is 2 Km it would be shown as 4 or 5.

This service never picked up as in Bengaluru with the police not ready to interfere as it was housed inside the Railway jurisdiction then we were told.

In 2015 we had written Prepaid Auto Booth at Railway station – a Bargain there as well, yes bargain at the prepaid auto counter, Belagavi hai sir Kuch Bhi ho Sakta hai.

The person sitting inside just casually wrote down Rs.50. I asked him for what distance he entered that amount and repeated the address. He immediately changed it to Rs.40. The concerned autowallah “refused” to come for that amount and “dared” to ask the person how he had written a lesser amount.

prepaid-autoNow that the new prepaid auto booth has been started we request the MoSR to also appoint police who will show their presence and make the auto drivers accept only what is fair by law.

I am not being negative but I just hope this time with the presence of the MoSR things will change for the better.

7 thoughts on “Prepaid auto service started in Belagavi Railway station again”

  1. The total fare must be collected at Prepaid auto center & a receipt must be issued with total fare paid at the center.

    Later the passanger shall give the same receipt to the auto driver after the completion of the Journey, so he can produce the receipt at the prepaid auto center & collect the amount which was paid at the time of booking by the passenger in convenient time or days of himself.

    This system if followed in the most of the state

  2. At last,a long awaited wish & necessity of Belgaumites has come true.Here it is worth noting that the service was launched twice earlier ,but failed due to half harted attitude of the authorities,non co- ordination between various arms of the administration,&non vigilant, consumers.Let us all hope that this time it will be a success,&let us be vigilant & responsible,assertive in fighting laxity, corruption if any inthis behalf.Today,I have arrived in Mangalore by train & reached
    my destination by paying a true fair to prepaid auto

  3. Dekhte
    Upto when it will last??
    nobody can control the auto drivers of Belgaum it’s fact since independence of India
    What happened to meters ?
    ha ha ha
    was meter implemtation was joke or these booth is a joke ??

  4. I concur with the views of Mr. Ranjit. Best thing is to install display board distance/area wise to show the rates for the information of the passengers so that there will not be hand in glove with the autowala and the person working in the booth. Any way, good to hear and only thing is to see how long this will remain. Police is very much needed to avoid the cheating at the booth.


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