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Sadashiv Nagar and Angol have one Micro-containment zone each

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Today as per the official report 24 new COVID cases have been reported out of which 17 are from Belagavi Taulka in which 14 are from Belagavi city.

Cases have been reported from 7 Sadashiv Nagar, Tilakwadi-2, Ramathirth Nagar-2, Vadagav-1, Bhagyanagar-1, Anjaneya Nagar-1.

A micro containment zone each has been made at Sadashiv Nagar and Angol.

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A building that has 5 or more COVID-19 cases is declared a micro-containment zone. While, earlier, the buildings were sealed, now there is no sealing per se but the focus is more on monitoring the residents and restricting the movements of patients. 

Micro-containment zones are specific areas where a number of Covid-19 cases have been reported in recent times. The idea is to cause as little disruption to normal life and economic activity, while also keeping the action of containing the spread intensively focussed. So, local authorities identify these areas — which might be as small as a building — and isolate only that small region from the rest instead of a bigger area – thus not affecting economic activities as well.

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