Special train from Yeshvantpur to Nizamuddin


South Western Railway has decided to run ONE WAY SUPERFAST EXPRESS SPECIAL from YESVANTPUR to HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN (Tr. No.02685) on 18th October, 2013 (One Way One TRIP Only) as per the following tentative timings and other details.

Accordingly, Train No.06543 YESVANTPUR-HOWRAH ONE WAY SUPERFAST EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at YESVANTPUR station at 13-50 hrs. on Friday, the 18th October, 2013 and arrive at HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN station at 13-00 hrs., on 20th October, 2013 (One Way One TRIP only).

 En route, the One Way Express Special will arrive/depart at Tumkur at 14-48/14-50 hrs; Davangere at 18-49/18-52 hrs; HUBLI at 21-30/21-50 hrs; BELGAUM at 00-30/00-32 hrs; Miraj Jn. at 03-15/03-20 hrs; Pune Jn. at 08-45/09-00 hrs; Daund Jn. at 10-25/11-00 hrs; Manmad Jn. at 15-20/15-40 hrs; Bhusaval Jn. at 17-50/18-00 hrs; Khandwa at 20-30/20-35 hrs; Itarsi Jn. at 22-50/23-00 hrs; Bhopal at 00-40/00-45 hrs; Bina Jn. at 03-33/03-35 hrs; Jhansi at 06-05/06-15 hrs; Agra Cantt. at 09-25/09-30 hrs; and depart at Palwal at 12-00 Noon, on 20th Oct.2013.

 The One Way Superfast Express Special will have total 20 Coaches, Sixteen Second Class Sleeper coaches, Two General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake vans.


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