State mulls fresh Covid guidelines after detection of AY.4.2 variants

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Two suspected cases of AY.4.2 variant of the novel coronavirus have been identified and the samples have been sent to a laboratory for genome sequencing, Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said on Tuesday at Bengaluru.

“There are two suspected cases of AY.4.2 variant of viruses and I have instructed my department to send the samples for genomic sequencing for confirmation,” Sudhakar told reporters in Bengaluru.

The discovery prompted Dr K Sudhakar, Health Minister, to speak to members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on Tuesday about potential contingency measures, a source said. “He has sought their opinion on the matter and will be briefing the chief minister on the matter tonight,” the source said, reports the Deccan Herald.

Sudhakar said the state has started genome sequencing and have set up six seven (genome) labs in the state.


The minister said whenever a new variant emerges the state can immediately get the advice of the experts and discuss with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

Even if this discovery of AY.4.2 turns out to be premature, Dr Manjunath noted that the population should not be complacent. “As per the pattern of prevalence, a third wave will happen but we do not know when it will happen,” he said, adding that the task force was concerned about large public gatherings taking place in the state, especially political rallies and conventions.

Sudhakar claimed those who have received two doses of the COVID vaccine need not be afraid of the virus as it will have little effect on them.

The minister said there was no need to panic as the state government has taken enough steps to check the spread of the disease

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