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Statue can destroy natural habitat of birds on the Island in Fort lake

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Over 40 species of birds at Belagavi Fort lake; Yes it is true. The small island and the lake itself attracts about 40 species of birds all the year round. But now this natural habitat of the birds on the island in the middle of the lake is endangered with the plan of setting up a Buddha Statue on the island.

Indian Spot Billed Duck, Pond Heron, Little Egret, White Throated King Fisher, Red Wattled Lapwing, Black Winged Stilt, Grey Heron, Eagle’s, Bulbuls, Wagtails and many other species were sighted at the lake.


The govt and the district administration has planned to spend crores to set up a statute and this beyond doubt will destroy the natural habitat of the birds.

One more hurdle is the birds nesting here are not on records of the Govt as any mini sanctuary or something like that, hence getting permission for the same wont be too ambitious.


Photos: Veerana Madliwar

The corporation can develop this spot as a micro bird sanctuary, which would increase tourist interest in the place, besides preserving the biodiversity.

Bird watchers and environmentalists are of a different opinion. Installing a statue will destroy the biodiversity of the island.
Even once a firecracker show was conducted on the island and then all the birds drove away. But now the birds have come back and has many nests as well, hence destroying a habitat which is a boon for the birds for a statue must be avoided.

5 thoughts on “Statue can destroy natural habitat of birds on the Island in Fort lake”

  1. We need tourist spots, picnic spots, better roads, better water drainage facilities, flyovers and ring roads to avoid traffic congestion, footpaths all around the city, parking facilities and advanced bus stations and terminals.

    Once all the above facilities are provided with 100% satisfaction then the corporation must plan on setting up other things.

  2. Hello there I don’t understand why the people want a statue what will a statue do to the society at large why not spend the same money on improving the education level at the school, the cleanliness at the government hospitals, better roads where the users don’t get back pain riding, etc. A statue of Rani Chennamma or Shivaji Maharaj will not improve the society except become the starting location for any strike, will not help my children become educated, will not help my society to get treated when they are sick. I am free to suggestions on [email protected]

  3. i spent large portion of my professional life in Bangalore and when i compare Bangalore with Belgaum with respect to number of parks, play grounds, places for re-creation then Belgaum scores BIG ZERO. No trees on road side, no proper garbage management and we are dreaming of Belgaum as a Second capital of Karnataka. Very sad..


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