Teachers house torched in near Saundatti for posting pro Pak post


A teacher in a private school Jileka Nazeer Sab Mamadapura (25), of Kadabi Shivapura near Saundatti, had posted a facebook post-PakistanZindabad on Saturday.

The youths from the village gathered in front of her house and set it on fire. A portion of the house, including the roof, suffered damage.

SP Belagavi said, They tried to set fire to the house of the accused lady more than 3 hours after she was arrested. She was not taken to custody after they tried to set the house to fire but she was taken to custody much before.

The teacher has been taken into custody. A case has been registered at the Murgod police station.


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  1. These kind of elements have to erased.. These people stay, eat, make friends, all things here, but support pakistan.. If they are so much willing then get lost from India.. This lady should be ashamed,, after all, all muslim ancestors were converted.. They don’t have any right to enjoy facilities from this country..


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