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Tejaswi Surya BJP candidate from Bengaluru South studied for a while in Belagavi


Tejaswi Surya the BJP candidate from Bengaluru South has a Belagavi connection as he studied at St. Paul’s school from 2000 to 2003.

Tejaswi was here as his father who was in the excise was transferred here, so Tejaswi studied his Std. 3-6 at St.Paul’s Camp Belagavi.

Tejaswi Surya BJP candidate from Bengaluru SouthThere is also an article published in the Indian Express then, where Schoolboy donates his paintings, raises money for Kargil victims.


Tejaswi Surya BJP candidate from Bengaluru SouthHe also used to send his paintings to Helpage India.

He also studied music at Shantala Natyalaya.



  1. Happy to hear that tejaswi spend some time in BELGAUM.
    And we all Belgaum dist people very proud of you.
    We all wish you for get Best parlymenterian award.
    And only earn people of INDIA.
    Good luck
    See you soon

  2. W-O-W !! Being an old student myself of St. Paul’s High School, Camp Belagavi(Old Belgaum) between the years 1944 to 1953, I am indeed happy and proud to hear that young enterprising Tejaswi Suryanarayan is my school mate( though years my junior). This lad has had the best of education in his school days whilst studying in St. Paul’s High School,Camp Belagavi., I wish Tejaswi Surya All The Best for his Future…… Jan M. Shaikh(Ex Alumnus and past resident of Belagavi.)

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