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Two girls drown in Sambra

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In a shocking incident from Sambra two sisters drowned in a lake. This unfortunate incident happened on Sunday afternoon.

According to information received, three sisters, Sandhya Kolavi (age 10), Netra Kolavi (age 7) and Priya Kolavi (age 5), had gone to a nearby lake on Sunday afternoon to immerse the ‘Nirmalaya’ Devpuja material in the water. However, both Netra and Priya got drowned in the lake.

According to reports, Netra and Priya were drowning when their elder sister Sandhya tried to grab them by the arm. A man present at the time jumped into the water.


The youths in the area then ran and pulled out girls. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, she died before treatment. So, ten minutes later another body was pulled out of the water.

The Kolvi family hails from Ankalgi near Gokak and the girls’ father, Iranna Kolvi, is serving in the Indian Army.

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