Vande Bharat has technical difficulties to reach Belagavi

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During a press conference held in Belagavi on Friday, Rajya Sabha member Eranna Kadadi addressed the technical difficulties that have prevented the Vande Bharat train from reaching Belagavi. According to Kadadi, the train will run at a speed of 110 km on the Dharwad route, taking six and a half hours to reach its destination from Bengaluru. However, plans are underway to increase the speed to 130 km, which would shorten the journey to four and a half to five hours.

Unfortunately, the doubling work being carried out when the train was supposed to cross Dharwad and continue on to Belagavi has prevented the Vande Bharat from reaching its intended destination. The segment of the route between Dharwad and Belagavi has curves that make it difficult to reach the desired speed of 110 kmph. As the train must travel from Bengaluru to Belagavi and back on the same day, it is currently not feasible.

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On a positive note, the electrification process on the Londa-Belagavi section is almost complete and is expected to be finished within the next 10 days. MP Smt Mangal Angadi has also spoken directly to the Railways minister, who confirmed that the Vande Bharat train on the Londa-Belagavi route may not be feasible at this time.

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  1. All this reason about technicalities of Vandhe Bharat to Belgavi is not true’we seem. If it is not possible for Belgavi how is it possible for Vandhe Bharat Mumbai Goa route which has a tough terrain than Londa Belgavi

  2. Currently the Vandebharat is running at 70kmph between Bengaluru & Dharwad & Railways is giving this lame reason for extension,

    Ask for all other trains not running at 110kmph to be extended to BGM – Janashatabdi , INtercity, etc.

    A RSA between SBC-UBL-BGM & BGM-Pune Janashatabdi with an extra rake can be put in place only if SWR babus think & Hubli politicians allow !


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