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Youths avert an suicide attempt by mother with two kids

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The life of a 28-year-old woman and her two children were saved by the timely intervention of a group of youths on Monday fro the railway tracks.

The woman along with her two boys was seen walking along the railway track who is a resident of Shahpur. When she went on the tracks while a train was arriving near Tanaji Galli a group of youths ran and rescued the three from the clutches of death.

She had taken this step to escape domestic abuse after she was unable to bear the persistent harassment by her in-laws.

The Woman’s husband was not in town when the incident occurred.

The police were informed about the incident but no case has been registered.

The youths took the woman to her house and warned the in laws.
Source: The New Indian Express

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  1. The youths deserve to be named. Saving three in a flash of time requires reflex, natural instinct and courage. I hope their act of bravery will stand as example to others.


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