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Royceston qualifying knock out matches tomorrow

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PHOTO_3The first match at 2:30 PM Herwadkar School played against St. Mary’s High School. The match was very interesting with both schools playing well and not letting each other score a goal in the first half. However, well into the second half of the match, Omkar Sutar of Herwadkar finally opened the score in the 38th. Riding high on their excitement, Sharad Huddar of Herwadkar School scored another goal in the 41st minute. Herwadkar School won the match 2 – 0.

The second match was played between Bensons High School and Oriental High School. In an equally interesting match both teams fought hard to score a goal against each other. But in the last few minutes of the first half, Prasad Patil scored a goal in the 21st minute to take Bensons in the lead. In the second half, Oriental played well and tried hard to equalize the score. But Bensons were able to defend their lead and won the match 1 – 0.

In a rainy end to the day, the third match was played between Love Dale Central School and Karnataka Daivajnya School. Early on in the match, Karan Sharbidre of Karntaka Daivajnya School scored a goal in the 10th minute. Even though Love Dale had many chances to score, but it was Karnataka Daivajnya School who gave them a self-goal to equalize the score. The second half began well with bought teams fighting hard to take a lead, but it was Oman Kalkundrikar from Lovel Dale School who shot a goal in the 38th minute to put Love Dale School in the lead. Karnataka Daivajnya were quick to equalize the score back again by Harsh Vernekar scoring a goal in the 47th minute. In the last minute of the match Omar Kalkundrikar shot a brilliant winning goal for Love Dale School. Love Dale School won the match 3 – 2.

Tomorrow, Monday, 29th July, in the Knock-out phase of the Qualifying Round 2013, the first match at 3:00 PM will be played between KLE School and Love Dale School and the second match at 4:30 PM will be played between Bensons School and Herwadkar School.


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