Quick Tunes-Driving Safety and Call Management

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Quick Tunes
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Driving Safety and Call Management
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Driving Safety and Call Management Solution
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Mohammadayyaz A Mulla
[email protected]
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Hanuman Nagar Circle Belagavi

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Md.Ayyaz A Mulla
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Every year nearly 1.4 million people die while driving because of their over-bearing cell phones. In India, an estimated 1.35 lakhs people died due to road accidents in 2010, which is approximately 10% of road accident fatalities worldwide and these figures are the highest in the world
Deaths from crashes due to mobile use while driving rose 33% in 2019 .
Use of mobile phone while driving is an offence including bluetooth hands free , in india and many other countries speaking while driving is considered as major distraction.
“Section 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, says driving in any manner that is dangerous to the public, which includes using cellphones, is punishable with a fine which may extend to Rs 1,000, or an imprisonment of six months.”
Quick tunes is Solution …. (Patented Solution)
Quick tunes is call management App , it provides list of busy .
profiles such as , Driving , Meeting , Sleeping etc etc.. User can set any of these profile with a duration ( of occupancy) Emergency rings
And Quick tunes App manages all your call by lets caller know that
Your are Busy in “Driving”/Meeting etc.. Based on selected profile
Via a caller tunes (voice) and reject SMS
Without disturbing the user automatically , considering emergency calls.
Quick Tunes has strong use case in Driving Safety , where driver mobile is put into driving profile when he is detected on wheels .. and unset when vehicle is stoped. which means driver can only take important calls while vehicle is in motion and comes back normally when stopped.
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Smart City Implementation , Insurance companies , Govt Vehicles , School Buses , Ambulances etc..
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