Asha Patravali knits 151 baby booties in unique designs


First published: Apr 18, 2016
Updated: June 12, 2016 

Asha Patravali Enters the World Records India and Incredible book of Records

Asha Patravali has been obsessed towards making something new and creative from wool. Last time she had made those cute Angry Birds and then caterpillar, 24 of them of different colors and sizes.

Now she yearned for yarn and making a difference, as she uses her hobby to help newborn babies stay warm. She has knitted 151 baby booties in different and unique designs. Her creations have gained popularity not just in the city and around, but also across the country and abroad, illustrates this urge.

Asha Patravali with her knitted Booties in Belagavi
Asha Patravali with her knitted Booties in Belagavi

It took her 5 months to knit the 151 cute looking and very adorable booties. She had a concept in mind to design and make 151 also to see that she enters into the Books of records. Speaking to AAB Mrs.Patravali said “It is not only for the record but that it gives me scope and encouragement to make something unique and also helps me learn new techniques of knitting and also new designs.”

From gumboot style to Frog, turtle, frog, Chocolate, tractor, car, caterpillar, Train Engine etc.
Each of the 151 booties are unique in their deisgn.

Asha Patravali with her knitted Booties in Belagavi
Asha Patravali with her knitted Booties in Belagavi

For housewife Asha Patravali, knitting was just a hobby untill a few years ago. However, her passion and dedication towards work has taken her to newer heights, enabling her not only earn a decent financial gain, but also do her bit for economically weaker sections of the society.

She has taken knitting which she says is a natural gift to her which she has nurtured and made it more creative for the masses. She has also authored books on knitting. She has exhibited her knitting works in various places and even won various accolades for the same.
She runs her own firm in the name of Asha Kintwears Somwar Peth, Tilakwadi, Belagavi. Contact: 4200340.


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