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Travel protocols to Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa

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Travel to Karnataka – from any state

Negative RT-PCR certificate not older than 72 hours shall be compulsorily produced by the passengers coming to Karnataka by flight, bus, train, taxi, personal transport, etc. this is irrespective of the vaccination taken.

This will also be applicable for all the flights originating from Maharashtra to Karnataka.

The same is applicable for persons traveling from GOA to Karnataka as well. Even though no SoP has been published for Goa, strict checking at KA borders is on for travelers from Goa state who don’t possess an RTPCR -ve certificate are not being allowed entry into KA.

Travel to Maharashtra – from any state

Persons who have been vaccinated with both doses of the COVID 19 vaccine and 15 days have elapsed since the administration of the second dose of the vaccine and is in possession of the final vaccination certificate issued through the COWIN portal then such parsons be exempted from the mandatory requirement of possessing a negative RTPCR report on their entry into the State.

If only one dose of vaccine has been administered then RTPCR report test not older than 72 hours


Travel to Goa- From any state

All Arriving passengers seeking entry in the State of Goa shall carry a Covid negative test
report for a test done a maximum of 72 hours prior to entering Goa. Covid negative report shall
mean RT-PCR/ TrueNat/CBNAAT, Rapid Antigen Test, or any other test as approved by an ICMR lab.

updated August12 2021

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  1. What about a person who has been vaccinated with both doses in a foreign country and has a valid certificate from that country. Is that person allowed entry into Karnataka? Thanks

  2. Karnataka have always been super-smart. Even when cases have abated, they need an RT-PCR. Even after a person has had 3 doses of an approved vaccination! If you don’t trust the vaccine, how can I trust your tests?


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