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Rewind 2009

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It is that time of the year when we have to look back at the year gone by.

rewindSo let us just rewind 2009 on AAB.

Readers are requested to comment on the best or the worst story by including the NUMBER of the story before the comment.rewind1

For Eg.

3. Belgaum session will be historic- your comment

January 2009:

1.Baba Ramdev in Belgaum today

2.Belgaum session: Congress criticizes: Belgaumites Rejoice

3.Belgaum session will be historic

4.Water Tariff hiked for 24×7 wards

5.Project to streamline traffic and transportation in Belgaum

6.Karnataka gives politicians chance to revive border row:Belgaum Media Coverage

7.Belgaum assembly photos

8.Around 200 people arrested: Maha Mellava

9.Denying permission to ‘Maha Melav’ was wrong

10.Congress demand that the disputed Marathi speaking areas in Karnataka be declared as Union Territory till Supreme Court decides


12.Belgaum City Corporation to get a new building today

13.Belgaum IT Expo 09 evokes good response

14.Suresh C Angadi is Belgaum BJP Candidate for Loksabha

February 2009:

15.LKG admission: Those fearful days in life

16.Hotel VITS Belgaum no more


18.Belgaum to get Bandu patil Circle

19.Own dream house in Belgaum: Wait & Watch: Real esate

20.Knowledge series Myth busting CA profession: Nikhil M. Shevade

21.The 100 Crore question of Belgaum


23.Love under police protection: V day all was normal

24.Farmers get relief: HC stays order of land acquisition

25.BTP Construction: A Tunnel Expert: Stars of Belgaum is now on Leading Minds servers

27.Private bus operators doing the LOOT: Bus Fares hiked for holidays

28.A Subhash Photos Moment: Stars of Belgaum

29.RPD cross menace

30.Belgaum bus station will be developed

31.Specials: Tsunami “RECESSION”!!

32.KLS IMER in top 100 B Schools

33.Niranjan Navalgund wins U 15 Colombo International Chess Festival 2009

34.Vayavya Labs wins IIM B NSRCEL Incubatee Award

March 2009:

35.Belgaum to vote on Thursday 23rd April for Loksabha

36.Belgaum Parliamentary constituency history

37.Belgaum: Poor man’s hill station is no cooler

38.KLE College of Engineering & Technology to be renamed as KLE Dr.M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering & Technology Belgaum

39.Bizarre way of Holi celebration on Deshmukh road

40.Vintage tank in middle of society; stands as a mute spectator still fighting against time

41.Saffron Flag comes down for the last time

43.You own photo on the mug of coffee or T-shirt @ Subhash photos Tilakwadi

44.Station road closed for traffic


46.Kunal Ganjawala Live Concert

47.Ex-showroom price of nano in Belgaum base model @ 123,751

48.Belgaum Loksabha constituency history

49.Union Bank of India will operate the Bankers Clearing house in Belgaum

50.Now say Cheers with a bigger hole to your pocket: liquor retailers also hit badly

51.Belgaum’s Kunda sweet sensation fairy-tale

52.Yallappa Kurbar Belgaum Mayor: Jyoti Bhavikatti Dy.Mayor: Kannada group

53.Congress Road: Accident zone drive carefully

April 2009:


Spundhan software development provider from Belgaum

55.Bird watching in Belgaum from Ram Mallyas camera

56.If I was MP of Belgaum

57.Belgaum has the highest number of personnel serving armed forces

58.12 crores drained for assembly session in Belgaum

59.Vote BJP for development, safety and security of the country: Advani in Belgaum Speech

60.Work hard to achieve Goals in life-Atul Chaturvedi Belgaum Young Guns

61.Helipad is a meeting point


63.58 years same issues and similar candidates- we need a change

64.One should have a nose to smell the news- Vijaykumar Patil Principal Correspondent THE HINDU- They get u news

65.Stars of Belgaum – Sudhir Kulkarni CTO and Vice President of Engineering at SellPoint Inc.

May 2009:

66.King size success for Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy in Belgaum

67.KHB building-building without permission

68.eth1 Network Solutions Belgaum – dose of honest support- Swapneel Patnekar founder

69.Belgaum is Goans preferred destination

70.Collective effort to develop IT & ITeS in Belgaum

71.Christians demand old road to cemetery be re opened

73.Suresh C Angadi of BJP is Belgaum MP

74.Belgaum traffic nuisance – Rastrotthan sankalp investigates

75.Five Infosys employees killed in accident at Sankeshwar

76.All muddled over Microsoft- VTU MoU

77.Belgaum techies come aboard and meet – AllAboutBelgaum IMPACT

78.Google Internet bus locations in Belgaum on June 11 – 14

June 2009:

79.Belgaum foundry cluster – vision to make Belgaum Foundry Industry World Class, Internationally competitive and Environment Friendly

80.Madhuri M. Shanbhag a multifaceted personality Stars of Belgaum

81.No more, take offs from Belgaum Sambra airport

82.Coming back to Belgaum a dream of many

83.Beautiful picnic trekking spot near Belgaum Nersa and Godholi

84.Belgaums first online computer store goes live Starnet Belgaum

85.Longest blindfold limbo skating-world record set by Rohan Kokane of Belgaum

86.All About Belgaum 1 lakh hits Thank you all

87.Vega Auto from Belgaum made riding safer

88.MLIRC contingent in France National day Parade

89.Belgaum Bangalore flight cancelled due to operational reason

90.Abhishek S. Navale makes Belgaum proud skates Longest Backward Limbo Skating

July 2009:

91.Old Dharwad road to be 60 feet

92.Amboli Calling

93.Belgaum Green City

94.Did you know this? Pu La Deshpandes Belgaum connection

95.Monsoon special Rs.3 Vada Pav Tea Rs.2

96.MLIRC marches with proud on the Bastille Day Parade of France

97.Belgaum railway stations look after renovation

98.Naval Air base at Belgaum

99.To fly was his dream Music is his life Cap.Hrishikesh V. Patil Young Guns

100.ignITing Belgaum Pushing IT Further

101.Belgaum’s Kiran Kulkarni in Super rich list of Businessworld


103.Suspension bridge at Gokak Falls will be shut for public on Sundays

104.Arbaaz-Malaika’s Belgaum nanny shocker in London


106.Aniket Chindak now in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not book

107.K V Kamath of ICICI bank in Belgaum

108.Those days of school Shenga Vattane Limlet

August 2009:

109.MLA Trimurti keep Dil connected will work for development of Belgaum

110.Money is his friend and friends are his assets Arun Agarwal Fund manager SBI MF Young Guns

111.All About Belgaum turns 2

112.All About Belgaum birthday celebrated

113.New generation Sitar player Sanjay Deshpande Ragas 2 Rock Stars of Belgaum

114.Swami Vivekananda in Belgaum

115.No IIT for Karnataka Belgaum not in picture

116.Shreedhar Kulkarni a vocalist of ardor

117.Belgaum estimated land value of various areas

118.X-plore your Belgaum

119.Belgaum Ganesh Darshan 2009

120.Abhishek Navale first Indian to hold 3 world records in roller skating

121.Sachin Tendulkar to launch Belgavi Panthers

122.ITBELGAUM group instigates growth of IT in Belgaum

123.ITBelgaum’s initiative highly appreciated

124.Swine flu now to 19

September 2009:

125.Mysterious divider

126.Shirish Deshpande gives the ballpoint pen a novel status

127.Pandit R K Bijapure Maha Meru of Samvadini Harmonium

128.Rahul Deshpande eye behind the lens Young guns

129.Scandalous Narayanswamy in judicial custody

130.Belgaumites worldwide meet in respective towns

131.75 lakhs gold looted

132.Church inside the Belgaum fort

133.Durga Maa Daud for a better younger generation

134.AZIZ HAFIZ multi tasking sarkari babu

135.Belgaum Panthers in KPL finals

136.Belgaum is second capital in crime

137.Belgaums history in short

138.Indo-Tibetan Border Police centre in Belgaum

139.Dearth of skilled manpower we need to have awareness about BPO Tushar Patil CEO of BTP InfoServe

October 2009:

140.Rains causing havoc in North Karnataka

141.Harmonious Father and son combo Dr.Sudhanshu Sarang Kulkarni

142.100 crore tug of war

143.Airborne with Servocontrols Belgaum

144.100 crore grant Belgaum JAGORE

145.Big B Amitabh on his song scene in Asoga

146.Three Decades Ago Belgaum in 1970s

147.Belgaums rich antiquity

148.Belgaum fort as described by Mrs GUTHRIE

150.Sambhavami Yuge Yuge mega show in November at Belgaum

151.BelgaumIT rocks KLE Campus

152.Samarth Maharashtra Abhiyan ends at Subhash Maidan

153.Dr. Neeta Baporikar one of the first management gurus from Belgaum

154.EKUVERIN of Indo Maldivian forces ends

155.12 year imprisonment for shooting Kore

November 2009:

156.Load shedding is back for four hours only

157.RPD college road to be widened

158.Kirloskar success story roots from Belgaum

159.Flights will resume in 3 months from Belgaum

160.Quest and Sambra airport gain or loss

161.Stiff resistance against RPD road widening

162.Urbanbuzz makes info on movies cricket football scores just a SMS away

163.IPL KPL now BPL Belgaum premier league T 20

164.Test tube baby fame Dr Indira Hinduja spent her childhood in Belgaum

165.Discriminatory policy of State Government are Belgaumites as second class citizen

166.B Shankaranand passes away

167.Price rise the novel assassin

168.Vidya and Narendra Murkumbi Renuka Sugars in Forbes India rich list

169.High court order not implemented to KHB construction still on

170.Khanapur road will be widened to 120 feet

171.Who cares for the students of AITM in line of fire

172.E stamping now in Belgaum at SHCIL Club road

Traffic Cops trying to get traffic right at Globe circle

December 2009:

173.Belgaum going the T20 way

174.Belgaum on a road widening spree

175.Liquor prices slashed what about essential commodities

176.Mahatma fule road widening pictures

177.Micro chips designed amidst cows and buffaloes Karmic Training Centre Nesargi

178.What are these numbers in Tarun Bharat

179.Ritz theatre to be converted into a modern drama hall

180.Third gate to Peeranwadi will be 120 feet road

181.Angol cross to Raghunath peth road to be 50 feet

182.Raja Lakhamagouda Sardesai of Vantmuri a great philanthropist

183.CBI to investigate 700 crore online scam

184.Belgaum premier T20 tournament begins

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